Business Meeting Facilitation

Great Meetings with Professional Meeting Facilitation

A great meeting is about getting results in the form of decisions, problem solving, setting direction and determining actions. Sigma Business Management Facilitators get these results through professional facilitation techniques:

  • Solid Meeting Preparation – pre-meeting interviews, identifying meeting objectives, developing a meeting agenda that will meet the objectives, selection of the right facilities.
  • Meeting Facilitation Techniques – creating the right environment, sticking to the agenda, encouraging participation from all attendees, managing the “rabbit trails” and “long talkers”, making sure all participants understand the “technical details”
  • Meeting Follow-up – post-meeting interviews, meeting minutes that summarize key discussions, actions and decisions, action item follow-up, and a post meeting report with analysis and recommendations for next steps

A great facilitator is one who can understand the issues and meeting objectives in order to always keep the conversation moving in a productive direction.

Successful Planning and Strategy Meetings are Critical

Great Meetings are Critical to Success- Especially for Small and Medium Businesses

Getting everyone together to think, discuss and decide on the direction of the organization is a critical part of business management. Team building, solid facilitation techniques and a strong meeting agenda will prevent your strategy meetings from becoming just another operational staff meeting. A successful planning and strategy meeting puts everyone on the same page and will make the difference in the success of your business.

Specializing in Small and Medium Business

Small and Medium Businesses are unique in many ways, especially in their approach to meetings:

  • Owners tend to dominate the discussion turning planning meetings into status meetings or simply the owner pushing their agenda and assigning action, with little group involvement.
  • Diverse backgrounds and experience cause more “one-on-ones” between the two people who most understand the issue, rather than an explanation and group discussion.
  • Meeting Impact is Leveraged – great meetings can result in immediate action and results, bad meetings just remove key people from being productive – costing even more money.

Sigma Business Management is experienced working with small and medium business.   We understand the entrepreneurial spirit and unique management situations and use that in our facilitation techniques.

You Can’t Afford Another Bad Meeting!

Add it up! Figure out the costs for a one-day meeting with your management staff.

  • Time cost of participants
  • Facility cost
  • Meals and refreshments
  • Travel

You must get a return on your meeting investment! It adds up quick, and using a professional meeting facilitator is a great way to get results from your planning and strategy meetings.